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“Esports Capital Corp. (ECC) is a cutting-edge boutique advisory firm specializing in strategic and operational advisory services, bespoke financing solutions, deal support and due-diligence for entrepreneurs and companies competing in the rapidly evolving esports gambling industry. ECC was established by a core group of seasoned gambling and esports professionals and executives, with an access to a robust international network of experts and advisors.”

A Global Bespoke Esports Consultancy
Focusing On Strategy & Execution

The Mission

“Our core mission is to be the bridge between the gambling and esports industries by advising both challengers and incumbents to grow their businesses through a collaborative synthesis of great ideas,sound business strategies, and powerful industry partnerships.”

Our Vision

“At Esports Capital Corp, we envision a future where gambling and esports play a transformative role in how organizations engage their customers, develop their workforce, create innovative forms of entertainment and build new digital worlds.”

Our Core Competencies

We are a multi-talented group of esports executives and professionals that have come together to share our knowledge and experience with our client base and to fill a void that currently exists in the esports ecosystem.

Strategic Advisory Services

Capital Raising Services

Market Research
Industry Insights

Strategic Advisory Services

Bespoke Tournament Programs

Capital Raising Services

Marketing, Research, Business Development

Studio/Venue Design, Development, Advisory

Industry Insight, Data & Analytics

Our Team

Our team is composed of industry leading esports and gambling professionals with proven track record in gaming, data analytics, tournament operations, lobbying, and capital raising sectors and with demonstrated success in executing every aspect of the business from product development, marketing and launch, to business operations and strategy execution.

Alex Igelman MD & Founder
Roy Student Senior Advisor
Josh Faber Senior Advisor
Adam Morrison Co-Founder
Manav Bhargava Director of Research
Leon Martynenko Senior Advisor
Aryeh Price Chief of Staff

75+ years experience in gaming.

30+ years experience in esports strategy, sponsorships, funding and event management.

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    Let's Get In Touch!

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